The acronym VISSION stands for Voluntary Integrated Sight Saving Initiative of Nigeria.

PinkVISSION is an initiative of mass medical mission (mmm) focused on achieving the goals of “Vision 2020: The right to sight”, by incorporating preventive eye care into the programmes of mass medical mission and the National Cancer Prevention Programme (NCPP). It is duly registered as an Incorporated Trustee in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

PinkVISSION is related to the objective of NCPP and mass medical mission because not only can cancer occur in the eye, but some cancers of other parts of the body such as brain, can be diagnosed through eye evaluation.

Furthermore, the life expectancy of blind persons is 1/3 less than that of their sighted peers. Preserving the vision of an individual, therefore leads to improvement of his life expectancy. This is in line with the mission of mmm (visit www.massmedicalmission.org.ng).  

About pinkVISSION
The Executive Secretary, mass medical mission and the founder of The Rose of Sharon Foundation on International Widows Day

PinkVISSION aims to achieve this goal by incorporating preventive eyecare into the PinkCruise campaign (visit www.pinkcruise.org), thereby taking preventive eye care to the doorsteps of Nigerians.

This community-based eye-care aspect of the mobile health mission of mmm is known as Mission PinkVISSION.


The major colour of PinkVISSION is “Pink”. The other supplementary colour is green.


The colour pink refers not only to breast cancer but to health in general, hence the phrase ‘in the pink of health.’ For instance, a pink palpebral conjunctival of the eye indicates that an individual is healthy and has a good blood level.

In the context of PinkVISSION, pink stands for an healthy eye. A healthy optic disc is referred to as pink. A healthy retina is pink and flat.

On the other hand, if the retina is detached or if there is obstruction (including cataract and eye tumors) in the visual axis the healthy glow from within the eye becomes whitish with resultant loss of vision and / or even life.

The colour green, symbolizes eye cancer and vision impairment awareness.

To facilitate the achievement of Universal Eye Health in Nigeria by institutionalizing integrated community – based preventive eye care, thereby preserving vision and saving lives …. one Person, one Family, and one Community at a time!

To Promote Wholistic Eye Health Through Sacrificial Ministry

Preserving Vision, Saving Lives!